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DoYazan project

Ezelia community aims to support the development of Do’Yazan MMORPG project, the code name “Do’Yazan” is a reference to a mythical character which is linked to the main events of the game

The game universs

Beyond the creation of the MMORPG, the idea is primarily to exploit the richness of Arabic and Berber culture through stories and legends into a fantasy world, this world is called:  Ezelia*.

The universe of fantastic Berber and Arab tales is very close to the one in Asian culture, as an example the chakra in Asian culture is replaced by the degree of faith in the Arab culture. magic and spells are present in most stories, spirits and daemons are represented by the djinn in Arabic culture …

in short, all the ingredients of a fantastic world are present, we have to mix them to create a fantasy world inspired by this culture.


A few technical details (just a little)

The game client is developed in HTML5, it will be accessible via web browser, no installation required. the only constraint, it is to use a recent browser: IE9 +, Firefox 4 +, Chrome 10 +

The game is made in isometric graphic style, this style witch is halfway between 2D and 3D delivers a an interesting yet simple gaming experience.



Project progress and what needs to be done?

Currently the core game engine is operational and stable (as you can see through videos), moving, maps handling, continuous scrolling, avatars … etc.

The engine must be enriched with a quest system (under development) and a combat system (also under development) … this is the minimum required for a mini-playable demo ;)

For the graphics part, we developed techniquess to accelerate the work – having only a graphic designer currently working on the project – we prefer to have simple graphics to quickly start with, rather than seeking perfection and move slowly. If some volounteer graphic designer want to help us we’ll be happy :)   the needed skills are : creating tiles and / or characters directly in isometric 2D, or 3D creation with cel-shaded rendering (toon style).

The world, maps … etc: we are not there yet :) the only maps we create today are used for testing, but once the code is stable and tools ready, we will start working on this part.



Want to know more?

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*Ezelia is also the name of a play that depicts the history of Do’Yazan and son face evil forces who want to eliminate bin Saif Di’Yazan (son of Do’Yazan)