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Pixel Memories contest – win $100 Cash prize !

Share your gameplay videos and win $100 cash prize or equivalent gift card!

How to participate

  1. Download Pixel Memories game for Android or iOS. Android DownloadPixel Memories             iOS   Download      Pixel Memories
  2. Create an Everyplay account if you don't already have one.
  3. Provide your Everyplay account id and a contact email below .
  4. Play and share your gameplay videos using your everyplay account. (how to share gameplay)
The player with the best score at the end of the contest (15th October 2016) win! if two players have the same score, the winner is the first one getting the score.  

Enter the contest

To enter the contest, please provide your Everyplay account id and email. Only registered accounts using this form are eligible to participate.
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Pixel Memories trailer



How to record and share a pixel memories gameplay video ?
How will the winner receive his prize ?