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Looking for a good graphic style

What is exciting in a MMORPG project is the diversity of skills it requires, for a two people team, the challenge is to find good technics to advance in a project.

One of those challenges is character graphics creation ; a simple walking motion of the game engine used in DoYazan project need a spritesheet of 64 postures (the game engine uses animations in 8 frames for each movement, with 8 possible directions) … so moving throught maps (walking and running) need 128 images per character!

to accelerate some of the work use 3D characters, we animate them, then render them in the different postures, although these figures are not those witch will be used in final the game (we hope to fine a talented character designer by then  :) ), It is always nice to test his code, and online demos with nice graphics.

so the idea is to start with simple and “ulgy” characters, then iterete and enhance it gradually.

here’s what the first mal character looks like (this character is still used in the current online demo).

after some improvements we got this:

and this :

and with a little more work we got better and better  :)

I hope you enjoy those creations; comments are welcome.

Btw, if you are a designer and want to help us in character creation, send us an mail to :)