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Germiz : the first game by Ezelia!

We took a short break on the project “DoYazan” to develop another small HTML5 game, after a month of working here is the result 🙂


Germiz is a game where you are a micro-organism trying to survive by duplicating and infecting.
Your can replicate and multiply by infecting other cells, but beware, antibodies are there to eliminate you
Through the levels, you will be able to develop your parasite using mutations.

Germiz is inspired from Go and Hex games, with variants that make it unique.
the first version (a beta) features 15 playable levels.
5 to 10 first levels are simple because they are designed to gradually familiarize you with the techniques of the game and its variants.
the real challenge begins at level 10.

Click here to play:

and of course your comments are welcome!