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Tutorial : installing Ant on windows

This tutorial suppose that you have a JAVA environment up and running.

to install ant, follow those steps.

1 – Download Apache ANT zip archive by clicking the following button

Download Apache ANTZIP archive

2 – Unzip it to your hard disk

assuming you unzipped it to c:\apache-ant-1.9.7

3 – Edit windows environment variables and add the path to ANT_HOME variable

to do so, in windows environment variable click new



then add a variable called ANT_HOME giving the value c:\apache-ant-1.9.7


click OK to validate

at this poinyou should have a variable called ANT_HOME

now choose the path variable and click edit



add “;%ANT_HOME%\bin”   (without quotes) in the end of Path value like shown in the following screenshot.



click OK to save path.
click OK again to close environment variables editor.



now open a command prompt window and type  “ant -v”  (without quotes)


you should see something like this

congratulation your ant environment is installed.